#nightclubbing #berlin #tv #monitor #wilde #renate


#nightclubbing #berlin #tv #monitor #wilde #renate


Pencil Post by Chloe Galea /



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(Photo taken from Occupy Gezi Facebook page. Also used by Reuters)

Chutes d’Images:

People “No to the shopping mall!”
Police: Try this perfume, “Infinite Corporation”, you’ll be convinced!

-> What is Happenning in Istanbul?

also: Resistanbul: the beginning of the end of an era?

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A recent study of Google searches by Professor Latanya Sweeney has found “significant discrimination” in ad results depending on whether the name you’re Googling is, statistically speaking, more likely to belong to a white person or a black person. So while Googling an Emma will probably trigger nothing more sinister than an invitation to look up Emma’s phone number and address, searching for a Jermaine could generate an ad for a criminal record search. In fact, Sweeney’s research suggests that it’s 25% more likely you’ll get ads for criminal record searches from “black-identifying” names than white-sounding ones.
Can Googling be racist? | Arwa Mahdawi | Comment is free | (via new-aesthetic)

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